Moving Day

A Story shared by Tim Storm, Founder of and RockTek Workspace

The satellite TV trucks are gone. The moving company has unloaded their last cart. It is Friday evening, April 8, 2011.

I stop by office building we called home just earlier that same day.

I was alone - overwhelmed by the silence and empty space.

Taking a moment to reflect, I sat down on the reception desk and just soaked in the silence.

Millions of Dollars and more hours than I care to count in designing and building an office space intended to unleash the full potential of our employees.

Now I sit in the quiet when the thought hits me… “this must be what it feels like when an artist sees their work leave the studio”

I think back on the prior few years (oh, how it flew by!) and how this space allowed our company to re-envision what the company could be, and what I consider my finest corporate accomplishment - being recognized as one of the top 25 great small businesses to work for in the country for the last two years running.

It was a special place for us, truly designed and built to allow people to be their best, and it worked.

It’s time for the building to work it’s magic again.

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