Stick with me... this one is a doozy... and there is an F bomb or two. It’s totally worth it. 

The day that the deal to sell FatWallet was finalized, I gathered a few members of my leadership team, the ebates management, and a bottle of Jack Daniels single barrel. We poured a shot for everyone present, raised our glasses and I made the following toast... “Don’t fuck it up!”

Fast forward six years. 

I’m doing some IT work at RockTek Workspace (aka the house that FatWallet built) and I get a message that FatWallet will soon be shutting down. 


The very next day after receiving the news, we are giving a tour - the tour goes well and we have a seat in the club lounge to chat a bit. 

I grab a “put your drink here” coaster off the table and make a comment about the words on it being less vulgar than our first choice of “put your effing drink here” - our visitors laugh and share that they have an inappropriate motto in their company - one of the visitors extends their arm to show a wristband that they were wearing. 

Printed on the wristband?  #DFIU

Of course, I shared my story, and we raised a glass to DFIU. 


I have a confession...

Hey!  Tim here - I have a confession to make.

When Kathleen and I started talking about renting office space, I wasn't excited about it. At all.

Then there was a realization and everything changed... Building the space RockTek calls home was NEVER ABOUT REAL ESTATE. It was always about creating an environment where people could do their work to the best of their ability and to help them on their journey wherever they choose their destination to be.

We designed the space around giving choices and removing tension.

Want a more lively environment? Grab a spot in our club lounge - a couch, a cafe table, a hot desk... whatever feels good.

Want to reduce distractions? Maybe a cube, or a private office is more your speed. You're in control, you get to choose.

Facebook thinks we are in the real estate business - They're wrong. Based on what I've seen, we're in the productivity, community and smiles business, because that is what I have seen every day since we opened.

That is something I can get excited about, and I look forward to more and more of the same.

See you soon. We're at 12533 Wagon Wheel Road in the Village of Rockton. Right off of Route 2 next to the Red Barn Golf Course.

Moving Day

A Story shared by Tim Storm, Founder of FatWallet.com and RockTek Workspace

The satellite TV trucks are gone. The moving company has unloaded their last cart. It is Friday evening, April 8, 2011.

I stop by office building we called home just earlier that same day.

I was alone - overwhelmed by the silence and empty space.

Taking a moment to reflect, I sat down on the reception desk and just soaked in the silence.

Millions of Dollars and more hours than I care to count in designing and building an office space intended to unleash the full potential of our employees.

Now I sit in the quiet when the thought hits me… “this must be what it feels like when an artist sees their work leave the studio”

I think back on the prior few years (oh, how it flew by!) and how this space allowed our company to re-envision what the company could be, and what I consider my finest corporate accomplishment - being recognized as one of the top 25 great small businesses to work for in the country for the last two years running.

It was a special place for us, truly designed and built to allow people to be their best, and it worked.

It’s time for the building to work it’s magic again.

RockTek.Works is getting ready for you to join us. Drop us a note and let's get the conversation started!

You Can't

a story from Tim Storm, Founder of FatWallet.com. 

August 5, 2017

In my time operating FatWallet.com at the facility in Rockton, IL we would host community events as a way of spreading the FatWallet love around and hoping that it would spread. (it did)

One of these events was to host an event for the Rockton Chamber of Commerce. The idea was that we would throw down some food and drink, I’d give a talk about FatWallet, I’d do some Q&A and then we would give some tours of our space. I recall expecting something like 30 minutes for my talk and Q&A before doing the tours. If I recall correctly, we ended up going for nearly two and a half hours. 

But there was one moment in the night where I was asked a question that I wasn’t prepared for.

The question - “What can we do to encourage more businesses like yours to move here to our area?”

Now I can go on about entrepreneurship, share battle stories and the like, but this is the only question of the night that I didn’t know the answer before it was asked.

This was an important question and deserved the best answer I could give. 

I stopped myself from talking. I closed my eyes. I put my hands together and raised them to my chin as I thought about the question silently. Not a sound in the room. Just me. Thinking.

As the answer came to me, I recognized the silence in me and just soaked it in. I waited for a few more moments and then answered.

“You can’t.”

The room deflated a bit.

“BUT! You can grow them. You can make sure that you are doing the things that will foster a business idea to turn in to a business. Make sure the infrastructure is there to support them. Make sure the internet is good. Make sure that there are quality education opportunities. Support the businesses that want to make it work. Let them grow and don’t get in their way.”

I never would have moved my business to Rockton, IL if I hadn’t grown up in the area. I grew up following along to my big sister’s ice skating lessons at the Wagon Wheel Ice Palace - the very place where I had built a 30,000 sqft Class A Office space. In fact, we found the buried cement floor of the ice palace the day we broke ground for the building.

That 30,000 sqft office space has been sitting empty for too long. Magic happens there. It needs to happen again.

Let’s do some growing, shall we?

RockTek.Works will be opening for business very soon. Drop me a note if you'd like to be a part of it. It'll be special.