More than just an office.


RockTek Workspace offers a shared, community-driven workspace for location-independent workers. It exists because of you and for you. As a member, you will not just be a customer of RockTek Workspace; you’ll be an active part of what RockTek Workspace is and does for you and for others.


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Take a Break

A pot is always on and the tap is cold

Coffee, soft drinks, cold beer and hard cider are on us, as are snacks. Linger and mingle with coworkers who are fast becoming friends.

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There's always a place to land

Business doesn't always need a formal setting. In fact, some of the best ideas have been drawn on napkins over a pint.

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Club Lounge it or book a private meeting space

Hot desks or lunch, couch, conference or boardroom. There are plenty of places to meet and get down to business.

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Clear your mind for better productivity

Foosball, Chess, darts, Golden Tee, Ping Pong, Charades. You choose!